About Us

At Café de Bangkok, we hand select only the freshest and most authentic ingredients possible so our customers can experience Thai cuisine as they would find in Thailand. Flavors and ingredients vary in different regions of the country because throughout history Thai food has influenced and been influenced by its neighbors.

The tastes of Laos (northeast), Cambodia (central & southeast) Burma (west) and Malaysia and Indonesia (south). Chinese and Indian travelers and businessmen also brought many herbs and spices, along with their own special cooking techniques, to Thailand over the centuries and all have had powerful influences on Thai cooking.

The use of many ingredients not native to Thailand, such as noodles, tofu and other soy products, Chinese vegetables, and Indian curries, along with techniques like deep frying and the use of chopsticks, are examples of the melding of cultures in Thailand. The Lao cuisine influence is seen in the spicy and sour dishes with many simple raw ingredients usually eaten with sticky rice, which is often imported from Laos and Cambodia.team_small
poohOur executive chef, Wichayanee Chayangkura Brown (Pu) is from the heart of Thailand’s capitol city Bangkok (meaning the land of plums).

Her passion for, and wide knowledge of cooking (not only in Thai cuisine but international cuisine as well) has made her change careers.

Pu received her MBA from Southern New Hampshire University and worked in worldwide marketing companies in Thailand for almost 15 years, traveling to more than 20 different countries and garnering extensive experience in international cuisine and the food industry.

For several years she ran a small Thai cooking class in Thailand for tourist groups, chefs and restaurant owners from many different countries.

In 2008 Pu and her family moved to Montrose Colorado where she conducted Authentic Thai cooking classes at a local gourmet kitchen shop (The Panhandler).

There she also operated a large catering trailer for takeout food at festivals and local events. Her cooking has always emphasized high quality, fresh authentic ingredients, beautiful presentation, enticing aromas and superior taste.

And now with Café de Bangkok, she brings her love for Thai cooking and the delicious flavors of Thailand to Fort Collins.