Gai Satay


Four skewers of marinated and grilled chicken in special turmeric-based spice, served with cucumber salad and peanut sauce on the side


Fresh Spring Rolls


Two rolls with your choice of tofu or cooked shrimp and fresh vegetables wrapped in rice paper


Isan Sausage (Sai-grok Isan)


Handmade Northeastern-style tangy pork sausage in natural casing. Spiced with garlic, lemongrass, shallots, kaffir lime leaf and pepper. Served with traditional raw vegetables.


Fried Spring Rolls


Two deep-fried spring rolls stuffed with seasoned pork, shrimp and vegetables, served with a sweet chili sauce


Crab Rangoon


Five pieces of crispy wonton skin filled with crab meat, cream cheese and green onion, served with sweet chili sauce


Roasted Duck Bun


Chinese influenced, boneless crispy skin roast duck with homemade sweet sauce served with steamed buns